Our butterflies are emerging...

but I'm not ready to let them go yet!  Literally speaking, our classroom butterflies have begun to emerge from their chrysalises.  My thinkers are so intrigued that it's difficult to get them to do much else.  I hope we get to watch one the moment it emerges in the next couple days when its wings are crumpled.

Here's one of my little thinkers working hard at recording his data in his butterfly science observation book.  He was so excited to report that his butterfly emerged!
My own little butterflies (my thinkers) have really shown me their true colors the past two days during our end of the year testing.  I am blown away with how much they have grown this year!  With one child in particular I got a little choked up and it brought tears of joy to my eyes (not joking!).  She asked what was wrong and I explained to her that sometimes teachers (like mommies) cry when they are happy and proud!  She beemed the biggest smile.  THAT is why I'm a teacher!  Even though I know they are more than ready for 1st grade, I'm going to have a hard time letting them go. 

I know they will feel the same way as they let their butterflies go next week.


  1. Hooray! Ours just started emerging today! I have one kinder who just about fell over today when they saw in their butterfly book that there was a place for their picture to be taken with their butterfly to keep "forever?!" and thought that was sooooo special! I think the reality set in today that they won't be around for long.

  2. Aww! That is precious! I hope they treasure their picture since they can't stay in kindergarten forever. Too cute!

  3. Great job and great post!