Kindergarten Memories

We all have our own memories of kindergarten.  Maybe it's about who we played with or what our favorite snack was or even what little boy chased us on the playground!  Either way, I'm sure most of us have positive memories or our year in kindergarten.  I get so excited knowing (or hoping!) that I am a part of my students' memories as well.  To help them remember cute little things later in life, I created a Kindergarten Memory Book for their end-of-year gift.  I hope they will treasure it in the years to come.  My thinkers are excited every time we get to work on this book because it's all about themselves!

I hope that you will snag a copy of our Kindergarten or First Grade Memory Book for your own classroom as well. 

Leave me a comment about your favorite memory of kindergarten!


  1. My favorite K memory was the letter people! I loved Mr. L because my name was Laurie...he was Lemon Lollipops! I loved their songs, and booklets, and blow ups!

  2. Looking for math and reading websites. I am putting together a sheet to give parents for the summer. If you have any great websites / links please leave a comment at my blog and I will be posting the sheet with them all. Thanks

  3. Yay!!! GO Indiana!! Happy to be following you now =) super cute blog!

  4. Those sound cute, Laurie!

    Thanks, Mrs. Tabb!

  5. Are their memory books made from 2 pieces of laminated paper that is binded together?? They look really nice!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  6. Thanks, Caitlin! The front and back cover are laminated pieces of construction paper and then the pages inside are ones that I created that can be found using the link above. Then the pages are all bound together to create the memory book.